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Brocoli Cream

Brocoli Cream (without cream)

On this occasion, to follow my series of fresh, healthy and low-calorie foods, I present my version of the broccoli cream. It should be noted that, despite calling it Broccoli Cream, I have not added cream or milk. The result is much lighter.

Cherry tomatoes with goat cheese, fake balsamic caviar and molecular vinaigrette

Fake caviar and balsamic vinaigrette are two of the easiest and most practical molecular cooking techniques, since you can prepare them with basically any liquid ingredient in your kitchen and it will keep for a long time without the need for refrigeration, so you can prepare them with advance and only serve them just before eating.

Homemade Mozzarella

Homemade Mozzarella

Believe me, once you get the trick, you will see how simple it is to prepare it and the result will give you great satisfaction.

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Mushrooms stock

For its delicious and decisive flavor, the mushroom one is my favorite of all the stocks. You can start preparing it while preparing your mise an place for a delicious risotto, cream, soups or any recipe in which you want to have the flavor of mushrooms as your base ingredient and you will have it […]

Brown vegetable stock

You can prepare stocks whether of vegetables, meat, poultry, fish or shellfish. The most important thing about the stocks is that you know exactly what you are eating.

Christmas Turkey during COVID times

And in our homes, the lights of the tree begin to turn on. The red color stands out on the tables and in our kitchens the menu for that special day begins to be planned.

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Sopa de frijoles (Nicaraguan-stile bean soup)

Although it may not look like it, beans are a versatile legume…

Kimbo bread (pan Kimbo)

It is a bread with a high caloric content, so it is preferable…

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On our culinary journey through the Balkans, we were visiting Albania. A country that left us surprised by the kindness and sympathy of its people, its beautiful beaches, its extraordinary mountains, panoramas and, as expected, its food. Albania was our first contact with the Balkans, after spending a few days in Greece and I must […]

If there is one city that deserves to be in first place in the world in terms of quality, variety and better taste in the preparation of its dishes, that city is definitely Gaziantep. Located in the southeast of Turkey, on the border with Syria, it was nominated in 2015 as the Creative City of […]

If there is something I will never forget about my visit to Lebanon, besides the delicious flavors, it is the strong smell of fresh herbs. It does not matter where you are or the time of the day, that smell permeates your memory. Lebanese cuisine is famous in the world for its variety of dishes, […]

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