This internationally known dessert seems to be the product of a culinary error. It is said that a careless cook forgot to add yeast to his chocolate cake, arising by a wonderful mistake what we know today as Brownies.

Thanks to this magnificent carelessness, at present, the Brownie is a dessert known in almost all the world and is one of the most sold in restaurants, where they usually serve it hot, accompanied by a scoop of ice cream (Brownie a la Mode) or with whipped cream.

A relatively new version of the Brownie is the Blondie, which is the same recipe, but changing the dark chocolate for white chocolate. There are also other interesting proposals from Brownie. Vegan Brownies, for example, that are made without any type of product that has an animal origin, is just one of the dozens of options that have been modernizing this delicious dessert.

The Brownie or Blondie is topped the list of the 10 most internationally known desserts, accompanied by Cheese Cake, Crème Brûlée and ice cream, among others. This gives us an additional reason to include it in our personal recipes.