Coq Au Vin – Chıcken in Wine – Pollo al Vino

One of the greatest French classics that you should definitely have in your culinary files.

Sancocho dominicano (Dominican-style stew)

It is definitely one of the most representative meals of our culinary culture. We prepare it at parties, at family gatherings, before any rain, in short, we prepare it with any excuse, but its purpose is always the same, to please our loved ones. It is one of those dishes that have no social level, since it is preparing in the same way in low-income households as in the homes of the more affluent.

Tacos de Cochinilla Pibil

Cochinilla Pibil Tacos

The recipe that I proudly share with you does not require soil drilling in your garden, so do not be scared. On this occasion we will replace the traditional ground oven with a modern pressure cooker and the charcoal with the well-known gas stove.

Mango, lardo and bacon rolls

Mango, lardo and bacon rolls

I was looking for a combination that would approach the delicious classic melon and prosciutto, so famous in Italian summers

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