The empanadas de carne are undoubtedly the dish that I most relate to my grandmother Kika, who inspired the creation of this website and who was the inspiration for me to cook.

At Christmas time, I remember her in the kitchen preparing hundreds of empanadas to share with the whole family. The Christmas dinner was the time to enjoy them all together and, although she also prepared them at other times of the year, these empanadas ended up being for us the symbol of Christmas.

Obviously, for me it has been important to learn this recipe and I keep it as one of my biggest trophies, because when I prepare them I simply feel the weight of her hands guiding mine.

As she did in her whole life, I also share it with all those who dare to learn a dish that represents traditions in several of our Latin American countries and that are appreciated almost all over the world, being the most recognized the Empanadas Argentinas.