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Entonces decidí ver qué había disponible en mi cocina y, rápidamente, pude preparar un delicioso plato que me dejó más que satisfecha.

It is definitely one of the most representative meals of our culinary culture. We prepare it at parties, at family gatherings, before any rain, in short, we prepare it with any excuse, but its purpose is always the same, to please our loved ones. It is one of those dishes that have no social level, since it is preparing in the same way in low-income households as in the homes of the more affluent.

Rice salad

Rice salad

The truth is that it is a very special dish, since you can prepare as many versions depending on what you have in your fridge and on family taste.

Carrots and Ginger Cream with Steamed Shrimps

The delicacy of this cream with its touch of ginger and the marine contrast of the shrimp, combined with the exotic flavor of saffron, will make you leave the routine in the kitchen and you will present yourself to your guests as a great expert in the kitchen

Empanaditas de carne

As she did in her whole life, I also share it with all those who dare to learn a dish that represents traditions in several of our Latin American countries and that are appreciated almost all over the world, being the most recognized the Empanadas Argentinas.

Sweet Shortcrust Pastry

It is a very easy recipe to achieve and, in addition, it helps a little to lower stress levels, since the fact of touching the ingredients directly with the hands becomes a kind of therapy that never fails.

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