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By the time COVID19 was officially declared as a global pandemic, few people expected that a health crisis of such magnitude would impact the world economy so severely. The few who however foresaw a similar situation, never imagined that it would last so long. Much less that, after 15 months, there would still be no […]

On our culinary journey through the Balkans, we were visiting Albania. A country that left us surprised by the kindness and sympathy of its people, its beautiful beaches, its extraordinary mountains, panoramas and, as expected, its food.   A common language Albania was our first contact with the Balkans, after spending a few days in […]

If there is one city that deserves to be in first place in the world in terms of quality, variety and better taste in the preparation of its dishes, that city is definitely Gaziantep. Located in the southeast of Turkey, Gaziantep was rightly nominated in 2015 by UNESCO as Creative City of Gastronomy. This was […]

If there is something I will never forget about my visit to Lebanon, besides the delicious flavors, it is the strong smell of fresh herbs. It does not matter where you are or the time of the day, that smell permeates your memory. Lebanese cuisine is famous in the world for its variety of dishes, […]

We, Dominicans, are known throughout America as “Plátano Power“… Guess why? Platanos (plantain bananas) delicious creation of nature, together with the Yuca, is one of the main ingredients in our daily diet. We eat the plantain banana at breakfast as Mangú (plantain banana puré), at lunch as plantain banana chips, accompanying our food, called “Dominican […]

My passion for cooking has led me to discover the gastronomic secrets of the most recondite places in several continents. Sometimes I have arrived by coincidence or by the threads of fate, sometimes through deliberate intention. In both cases, I have tried to take advantage of the opportunities and feed myself with each particular detail […]

My inspiration in this culinary travel The idea of ​​Kika’s Bocadillos is, more than an idea, a passion that has been accompanying me for almost 30 years. It emerged as a small dream in my native Dominican Republic when I was just a 13 years old girl. Kika was my paternal grandmother, with whom I […]

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