Menemen has definitely become one of my favorite dishes in Turkey. This mixture of chili, eggs and tomatoes is the best way to fill your day with energy since the morning.

In Turkey it is usually served as Kahvaltı (breakfast) and there are various lines of thought surrounding its preparation. There are those who include onion in its ingredients, others include garlic, others include red pepper paste, very popular in the southeast of the country, others include cayenne pepper.

To get a better idea and understand preferences I have turned this Turkish dish into my personal obsession, and I have dedicated myself to looking for the perfect Menemen. That is why I decided to sacrifice myself 😊 and try each and every version.

I have spent the last two years visiting the best known places in the country to try their Menemen and I have gotten into the kitchen, both for chefs and housewives, to delve into the tricks and secrets of each one. This allow me to self-catalog myself as a Menenem-Expert-Addicted. Thanks to this I have identified the recipe that I present below as my favorite amongst all aspect.

I like a Menemen very hot, but you can skip or reduce the cayenne pepper if you prefer.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.