That time of the year is approaching when everything smells of a reunited family, happiness, and harmony. That day in which the Christmas carols sound, announcing the birth of the baby Jesus. And in our homes, the lights of the tree begin to turn on. The red color stands out on the tables and in our kitchens the menu for that special day begins to be planned.

Maybe this year will be a little different from the previous ones. The pandemic we face in 2020 has forced us to change the way we celebrate. There may not be big gatherings, we may not have the whole family sitting at our table, there may not be the possibility of those big hugs, but that is only temporary. Soon we will all celebrate together again, as we did before.

That is why my advice for this Christmas is that we do not let this pandemic affect us more than it has already been affecting us since the beginning of this year. Let us take the moment to reinvent ourselves, to find new ways of sharing in which we do not put our loved ones at risk.

We live in a time of wonderful advances in technology. Today we can share with our loved ones without the need to be in the same physical space. Yes, I know, it will never be the same, but it is what we can do in this phase of our life, so let’s do it right. Let’s call our parents to tell them how much we love them, when we long for that hug on Christmas Day.

Let’s spend online time with our friends to toast to the good thing life has given us, despite COVID, and to everything that will give us in the years to come. Let’s use our voice to embrace our loved ones who accompany us on the screen. Let’s celebrate love in a different way!