I’m a Dominican chef specialized in International and Modernist cuisine. As a food traveler, I had the opportunity to visit countries such as Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Cuba, İtalia, Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, the Balkans (Albania, Croatia, Montenegro) and Lebanon to learn their gastronomic secrets. A lot! And the most important, I learned from them many interesting secrets about their cuisine, each one with its own personalities.

In the last four years, I had lived in Turkey and traveled the length and breadth of the country in my eagerness to learn about its gastronomic culture.

With this blog I intent to share with you the recipes and tips that I love the most of all this countries, so, please take a sit and enjoy the trip.

Alicia Santana's recipes


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Mushrooms stock
Brown vegetable stock
Christmas Turkey during COVID times
Risotto alla milanese (Milan style risotto with saffron)
Eggplant, arugula, goat cheese and walnut mini rolls
Menemen – A Turkish delight
Challah Bread
Coq Au Vin – Chıcken in Wine – Pollo al Vino
Chicken Schnitzel (Golden chicken fried)
Bruschette classiche (Italian dish)
Pesto Sauce
Falafel Wraps
Garlic confit
Vegetable stock
Risotto ai funghi porcini
Red lentils, pigeon peas, kidney beans, chickpeas and quinoa salad
Squid soup
Guava Mantecaditos
Kimbo bread (pan Kimbo)
Sancocho dominicano (Dominican-style stew)
Frijoles refritos (refried beans) Nicaraguan-style
Sopa de frijoles (Nicaraguan-stile bean soup)
Gallo Pinto (Rice and beans Nicaraguan stile)
Pasta al pomodoro e basilico
Slow cooked tomatoes Slow cooked tomatoes with thyme and garlic
Baked cauliflower salad Baked cauliflower salad with goat cheese, quinoa and pomegranate
Punking Crème Brûlée Punking Crème Brûlée
Tacos de Cochinilla Pibil Cochinilla Pibil Tacos
Homemade Mozzarella Homemade Mozzarella
Cherry tomatoes with goat cheese, fake balsamic caviar and molecular vinaigrette
Salmon mousse with cucumber salad, caviar and rose liqueur Salmon mousse with cucumber salad, caviar and rose liqueur
Mango, lardo and bacon rolls Mango, lardo and bacon rolls
Risotto with shrimps and saffron Risotto with shrimps and saffron
Tabulé (Tabbulah) Tabulé (Tabbulah)
Rice salad Rice salad
Carrots and Ginger Cream with Steamed Shrimps Carrots and Ginger Cream with Steamed Shrimps
Empanaditas de carne Empanaditas de carne
Sweet Shortcrust Pastry Sweet Shortcrust Pastry
Brocoli Cream Brocoli Cream (without cream)
Gazpacho Andaluz Gazpacho andaluz
Fish Stock
Pizza Dough
Lemon Pie
Indian Chai Panacota with Strawberries Coulis
Glaze To Decorate Cookies
Butter Cookies
Strawberries Cupcakes Strawberries Cupcakes, Brown Sugar and Rose Liquor Frosting
Banana and lemon cupcakes Banana Cupcakes with lemon meringue
Cornstarch alfajores
Peras al Vino Pears in wine
Seafood Paella
Salmon Nigiri
Pumpkin Cream Pumpkin Cream

Alicia Santana's favourited recipes


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