The glaze is, without doubt, the most important part when making cookies. It’s like the gift tie.

There are dozens of glazed versions, but I share the recipe that has given me the best results. This recipe can be prepared a day before and kept in the refrigerator.

As a fundamental part for a good completion of this and each of the recipes that will be tested, I always recommend using good quality products. It is what will guarantee the best results.

Many use, for example, the refined sugar and grind it in the blender to replace the industrial icing sugar, which I do not recommend absolutely since it does not provide the same finish and often does not usually dry completely, giving your glaze a careless appearance.

For this recipe I also recommend using white vanilla extract. If you do not have it, replace it with a few drops of lemon, but never use the extracts of black vanilla, especially if you plan to make a design that requires a clear background.

Many use the sleeves and nozzles to decorate the cookies. I prefer to use the broiler sticks as brushes, since this allows you greater control of the design, besides saving you much more glaze.

Do not be discouraged if you do not achieve the desired result on the first attempt. Unless you have experience as a designer or professional artist, as in all things in life you have to practice until it is perfect.

Good luck on the first try!