If you are one of those who wants to start a healthy life with a diet that is consistent with it, learning to prepare your stocks at home is the first step.

Stocks substitute squares to season the meals that our past generation got used to, that it is true that they are full of flavor but also full of preservatives and salts that are harmful to health.

You can prepare stocks whether of vegetables, meat, poultry, fish or shellfish. The most important thing about the stocks is that you know exactly what you are eating. For its preparation you will be able to use all this ingredients that you surely throw away. You can use, for example, the skin of your onion, garlic, celery, zucchini as well of the head of your fish and the chicken and beef bones and more. Surprising right?.

Vegetable stock is the most easiest, yet practical of all the stocks. You can use it to prepare delicious and healthy sauces, rice, soups, cream and many other dishes. İt is, as well, the most versatile as you can use it both for vegetarian and meat dishes, as well as to prepare seafood.

One interesting and practical thing with all the stocks is that you can prepare a big quantity and conserve it in your fridge up to one week or in your freezer for months.