Strawberry, either for their taste, color and presentation, are the perfect ingredient for any culinary preparation.

Beyond their exotic flavor and attractive color, fresh strawberries are plenty of vitamins and minerals that help our body, among other things, to prevent cellular aging due to its high vitamin E content, as well as to prevent respiratory diseases, since they reach out to fruits such as lemon and orange in their concentration of Vitamin C. In the same way, because of their high water content (around 85%), fresh strawberries are indicated by a large number of nutritionists in their diet plans for weight loss.

At the time of cooking, strawberries provide a series of dishes and versatile presentations, ranging from conventional cakes, ice cream, coulis, liqueurs, jams, juices, salads, stuffing and a long list of etcetera, as well as in the ideal accompaniment and decoration for many other desserts and dishes.

For this occasion I decided to invent a little with this well-known and exotic fruit, joining it to a liquor that I have known very recently and that has made me fall in love for all my life, the liquor of roses. This liquor, with its extravagant flavor combined with its elegant smell does not manage to go unnoticed, is the perfect combination for these cupcakes.