Since I developed my passion for cooking, one of my recurring traumas arose and was reinforced when making the pizza dough. For many years I have tried hundreds of recipes and many fermentation and cooking methods and hundreds of times I finished frustrated because I was never achieving the perfect mass. The weather, the yeast, the salt and even the water conspired to transform my nights or evenings of pizza in nights or evenings of hysteria.

Fortunately, after trying everything, I have finally discovered my own method and I have to say that since then my frustrations have been shelved and my traumas practically overcome.

It is important to internalize that in order to learn something, you have to damage something for a long time until you find what you are looking for, so do not be frustrated if you do not achieve your goals since the first time, keep trying.

Many recipes are very strict when giving measurements and listing materials. While it is true that each recipe represents a signature, a bar code that refers to the dish itself and its origins, it is also true that in the kitchen there is nothing written in stone. A recipe can be successfully made in a country with a tropical climate and the same recipe is a total disaster in a cold climate country and vice versa. The same happens with the ingredients, the same insipid, colorless and odorless water can be harder and with many more minerals in one country in relation to another, or even higher chlorinated, so it totally changes the texture and flavors of the dish.

My mantra in the kitchen, therefore, is “nothing is created, everything is transformed”. I try to see the recipes as a guide to create my own dish and believe me, it has worked for me. Start by taking recipes of dishes that you have always loved and look for what you understand is missing … or is too much for you. Try, take a risk, change the ingredients, modify the measurements and create your own version of your favorite dishes .. you will not regret it.

I share with you my recipe for the pizza dough. Good luck!