Italian cuisine is recognized around the world for the simplicity in the preparation of their dishes, but at the same time the rich taste of their pasta, pizza, risotto and a large number of etcetera. You can hardly find a corner in the world where people do not know spaghetti or pizza. You will hardly find a child who says no to a plate of pasta with pesto or, like the one I present below, Pasta al pomodoro, (Tomato sauce pasta).

The “Pasta al pomodoro” is very a classic in the Italian cuisine. Although it may seem very banal, the truth is that not many reach the right contrast of the flavors. It is a sauce that requires very few ingredients, but well chosen. A very simple preparation, it is true, but at the same time of great gastronomic sensitivity.

The secret in this sauce is, of course, to choose well the tomatoes. In Italy it is common to find peeled and canned tomatoes everywhere, which are very convenient when preparing this dish. I will use fresh tomatoes, which slightly lengthens the cooking time, but achieves an optimal result.