Gallo Pinto is a typical dish that, together with its impressive volcanoes and its beautiful lakes, can be considered, without a doubt, as the Nicaraguan flag.

The Nicas eat it at breakfast, accompanied by fried eggs and cheese, at lunch, served with meat, tostones (Plantain banana ships) and salad, or for dinner. It is one of those dishes that you cannot go unnoticed if you visit Nicaragua because it is found in every corner of this wonderful country, from the chaotic Managua to the smallest and most remote town.

The sixth word of my eldest son, after water, milk, dad, mom and ciuccio (pacifier in Italian), was precisely Gallo Pinto. For some reason children adore this dish and I can confirm and bear witness that even being far from Nicaragua, one of the things that they are most nostalgic about when talking about this country is still Gallo Pinto.

For this reason, I must include it on this page, as part of a series of typical Nicaraguan dishes, in honor of this land to which I am so grateful.

I hope you get to enjoy it.