It is strongly recommended during summer to mitigate high temperatures. Hydration in this period of the year is imperative. To maintain our health, we should not only consume a lot of water, but also evade foods rich in salts, because they tend to cause dehydration in the body. It is also important to use sunscreens and don’t have long exposure to the sun.

This week I will try to share some fresh recipes that you can prepare yourself than help tolerate high summer temperatures. Delicious recipes, of course, that make you forget for a second the warmth that keeps us sweating 24 hours.

I will begin this series of freshness with my version of the famous Andalusian Gazpacho (Gazpacho Andaluz), a recipe that has as many versions as inhabitants of that emblematic Spanish region. A dish that has gone around the world winning the most demanding palates and giving a touch of freshness in seasons of heat.

Gazpacho is one of those dishes that you can prepare in advance and quickly, without complications. You can use ingredients that you usually have in your fridge.